5 ways schools can cut printing costs…

Many schools struggle with the balance between the visual impact of good colour prints and the associated costs. Below are a few simple ways you can make the most of your equipment and cut printing costs.

  1. If you are buying a new printer don’t just consider the cost of the hardware. Shop for the running cost first – whether that be a competitive click charge or ink/toner that gives you a good yield. This is where most of your spend will go over the life of the machine. Compatible supplies can be much cheaper but they can be very much hit and miss so get advice and guarantees before going down this route.
  2. Make sure the right printer is in the right location. There’s no point in having a small Dell printer in the staffroom and a large, more economical machine in the metalwork lab.
  3. Become more informed about the usage in the school. There are many ways to get free information, from a software package on the server to a full print audit – which should be offered for free and with no-obligation by reputable print equipment suppliers (like Docuflow;) Information is power.
  4. Set limits. A lot of office printers come already installed with tools to account for and often even limit usage on a person by person basis. You may not have been told about this by the supplier, but that doesn’t mean the option isn’t there. Many copier type devices can set a quota for each user. When people know there is a limit they will reduce their usage. We often see economies being achieved just by the belief that usage is being monitored – even when in reality its not!
  5. Use the double sided option whenever possible. Its easy to set default settings to black and white and duplex on almost every machine out there. This will reduce the paper bill by 50% and save the poor kids’ backs. They already have a lot of stuff to carry around…ask you local Osteopath!

All of the above are quite possibly at your disposal already but if they aren’t you should make sure they are next time printers are replaced.

If you would like some free advice head on over to Docuflow and drop us a line. Thanks for reading this article. JP