Light bulb moment..

Recently, we delivered a large Ricoh copier, printer, scanner to a busy office. It was set to save them a fortune over the previous machines which they had bought at an auction and suffered with for a couple of years. While we were going around setting up the user’s PCs in accounts & payroll a few people told us not to bother with their computers!

They felt they couldn’t use the new machine because it was situated in a common area of the office. The docs they print were generally either sensitive or private. They couldn’t risk colleagues picking up the pages and seeing personal information or financially sensitive data while the accounts/payroll staff walked to the printer to collect their jobs. This could easily happen, unintentionally or other, they believed.

We sat down with them and explained one of the smart features contained within the Ricoh print driver. It’s called Locked Print (Secure Print in the old days). With a simple change to how they set up their personal print driver they could have the job sent to the printer, where it waits, safely hidden and PIN locked until the sender stands at the printer and keys in the correct code. Then the jobs shoots out for their eyes only.

After 2 minutes discussing this among themselves they unanimously declared “get these horrible old printers off our desks and get us set up on the new one”.

So now they have recovered precious desk space, reduced the noise in the room from the old printers rattling away and are saving a pretty penny on each page while getting better quality, all without sacrificing confidentiality.

In fact they have started using this system to leave jobs in the printer for each other as a kind of document exchange. If the jobs don’t get printed within a specified number of days they are automatically deleted. This has the potential to save more money as the recipient may never need the document and so will never print it, meaning they wont have to shred it and waste the paper or print cost either. Genius.

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Thanks for reading this all the way to the end!