Why do you need a service contract?

This is a common question with customers who are just making the move from consumer level printers to pro equipment. They are used to buying the toner as required and may not feel that  they want to pay a per-click maintenance contract. Ask anybody who has been running with a service agreement for a few years though and they will tell you why they wouldn’t change.

Should I push the big red button?

  • If you run a busy office you just don’t need the headache of a machine being down and not being sure how long it will take to find an engineer and get them to call out to your office. Customers on service agreements always get priority over time and materials clients. (It has to be that way as companies like Docuflow have made commitments to customers who we have promised quick response times to…)
  • The cost of running a smaller or consumer level machine is usually a lot higher than the type of machines the Docuflow would recommend. You may not have taken the time to do a proper analysis of your toner costs broken down to a per page price. You might get a fright! Recently we assessed a HP Color Laserjet CP4025 and found that the cost of a colour print at the prices the customer was paying amounted to 12.6c! This machine was a very good workhorse and had served them well but we worked out that if they replaced it with one of our machines and printed the same amount again they would save over €2200 on the toner costs because we proposed a Develop machine that we could run for less than half the price!!! Contact us for a free print audit if you like.
  • We source our supplies directly from the manufacturers. This means we don’t have to carry all the middlemen costs that your average buyer does. This allows us to give you a great deal and still have a little margin for ourselves.
  • Responsibility. If you lease a machine you need to keep it in good shape as its technically the property of the finance company. We also have a duty to supply a machine that will last the full term and we need to do a good job on the service side because we need to protect our relationships with the leasing companies. We need them to be confident to trust our recommendations to their customers.

For most businesses who print a lot a service contract will save them money and hassle as they can just pick up the phone and get help in a flash. I’m assuming of course that most office machine suppliers have the same high standards as Docuflow.

It also helps a customer to be able to budget. They wont be getting a bill for a grand for 4 toners and a drum again but will spread the (lower) cost over time.

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JP Murray

Docuflow Managing Director