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More than just a printer.

Most of our machines are not just great printers and copiers, but also have other useful functions such as scan to email, scan to folder, secure printing and built in document storage. They can read the scanned pages and send you a PDF, MS Word, Excel or other type of files which you can edit directly.

You can print and scan from Apple and Android devices.

You can create rules and quotas to control the usage on an individual by individual basis and get reports on print costs and user activity.

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Mobile Apps

All the major manufacturers now offer apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to allow printing and scanning over Wi-Fi directly between mobile devices and print/scan devices. This can be useful for guest access to printing as no drivers are needed. This is something we often get questions about. Get in contact now to discuss how this can be achieved without compromising your network security.

Free Print Environment Audit

It is often very difficult to put a cost on your printing and copying activity – especially as the site becomes larger. With our print audit service we can take a snapshot of all your printers and copiers which are on the network and then give you a full breakdown of the monthly volumes and running costs of each system found. This will allow you to make informed choices about how you use your devices. It only takes a few minutes to take the snapshot.

We can also supply you with a free analysis tool which will log all print jobs going through a server or pc and give you a very informative report whenever you need it. This includes the printer used, network user login, job name and more… it is free and not time limited so get in touch for your free software. It is from a very reputable developer so you don’t have to worry about anything.

There are so many options these days to make your document environment smarter that its best to get in contact with us to discuss your unique requirements, but we have set out a small overview below:

Today’s office machines are no longer restricted to performing a single role. Even a simple desktop USB printer can be made part of a smart work environment where data security, reduction of costs and elimination waste are easily achieved.

If you then think of a workgroup multifunction device you can add to that list.

  • Copying
  • Document storage
  • Scan to email
  • Scan to folder or into a backend system which can deliver your pages as::
  • Searchable PDF through OCR
  • Standard PDF
  • Jpeg or Tiff
  • Microsoft Word or Excel

Other Features

Other features you can utilise include:

  • Secure printing: Eliminates the worry of a colleague inadvertently viewing sensitive information which may be left sitting on the printer until collected by the job owner.
  • Data overwrite which securely deletes any record of the documents a device has processed.
  • Copy prevention: Documents printed with this system cannot be copied or scanned without it either being possible to copy or making it obvious that it is a copy. There are several ways to achieve this.
  • Card systems, pin codes and fingerprint recognition provide quick and easy access to MFP functions and allow Department or Client Billing. This allows you to track and account for print costs.
  • Rules based printing: We can ensure large jobs are printed on the most cost effective device. Administrators can enforce watermarking or other measures to ensure security compliance.
  • Force Black and White printing or double sided printing.
  • Time of day access to printing so printers can only be used during normal work hours for example.
  • Follow you printing which allows you to simply print your job and collect it at any printer of your choosing.


Some of the above features are included with the Multifunction devices at no extra cost. Quite often they are simply overlooked. Others require either upgrades to the hardware or a software package installation. There are many solutions available and the best one for you will depend on several factors. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements. It is in no way a complete list of the host of clever options which are available today.

Favourite Systems

Some of our favourite systems:

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